Hit me with your best shot

I’ve kicked around the idea of having a blog for ages. I used to blog over on Livejournal…..but that was back in high school, when LJ was the equivalent of the nerd table at the school cafeteria, where everyone hung out together and told stupid jokes and whined about overbearing parents. I kept my entries locked (thanks to the aforementioned overbearing parents), and so that blog remains a semi-private trove of adolescentia,¬†until Livejournal crashes or sells its servers and I cry a little for my eighteen-year-old self.

Baaaa.Me and Frank, we were tight.

Since 2010, I’ve written once in a blue moon about diabetes for ACT1 Diabetes, the nonprofit I’m involved in. “You should have your own diabetes blog,” a few people said. Pffffft, you think I have enough content to keep up a diabetes blog?

“You should have your own dating blog,” a few others have said, usually as I am relaying my most recent romantic entanglements over a pint or seven. Pfffffft….I have plenty of content on that¬†front, but you think most of it is appropriate for putting on the internet? If you want to hear about my dating adventures, some publishing house is going to have to shell out big bucks (okay, moderate bucks) and have me write a memoir. I could totally corner the market on “less slutty than Chelsea Handler, less funny than Tina Fey, and less gay than David Sedaris.”

But ever since I was a kid, I’ve gained a deep and persistent joy from writing. So I’m giving this a shot. Maybe a new blog will flourish, and maybe only my grandmother and six random Facebook stalkers will read it until I slack off and only post once every three months. Until then, though……fire away!


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