Diabetes Blog Week: Something Good to Eat

Inspired by DFeast Fridays, share a favorite recipe with us. It can be healthy, or it can be a yummy indulgence. Extra points if you can include carb counts and other nutrition info!! If it’s not an original recipe, be sure to properly credit your source.

The original prompt for Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week is “Saturday Snapshots,” aka a post of pictures related to diabetes. Since I have the photography skills of a blind wombat*, I decided to go for a wildcard day and blog about recipes.

And then I realized that I can’t exactly cook, either.


So let me share with you what I DO cook when I, in fact, am willing to put in the time and elbow grease to produce my own mediocre food.

Stir Fry Veggies
Ingredients: spinach in a bag, bell peppers, onions, asparagus, zucchini. Any combination of the above will do.
Olive oil
Seasonings as desired

1. Chop onions. Swear to yourself that this WILL be the time that onions don’t make you cry.
2. Get three-quarters of the way through the onion, feel like a successful human being. Begin crying and sniffling as you slice the rest of the onion. Curse demotion to unsuccessful human and wipe nose on dishtowel (you’ll wash it tomorrow).
3. Chop the rest of your vegetables. Feel moderately successful again when you don’t gouge any fingers.
4. Swirl 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a medium-sized skillet, over medium to high heat.
5. Put asparagus and zucchini in the skillet first. Wait about a minute before adding the peppers and onions, unless you forget because you’re dancing around to whatever Pandora station you have on and it’s really more like three minutes.
6. Add spinach from bag last; say prayer that there is no E. coli growing on the leaves because you can’t be bothered to wash it.
7. Stir frequently until green vegetables are a bright green and onions are turning clear. Don’t burn the spinach.
8. If zucchini ends up burned instead, console yourself with the fact that the carcinogens from burnt food can’t be worse than E. coli.
9. Remove veggies from skillet onto plate, douse dress in more olive oil, pepper, and any other spices you have sitting in your kitchen since 2006.
10. Serve with whatever protein and carb sources you can cobble together to call it a legitimate “dinner.” Recommended combination: peanut butter straight from the jar and red wine.

Bon appetit!

*Slightly above the photography skills of a blind rhinoceros. Because at least wombats can push buttons.

PS. If you want more recipes from people who have cooking skills of, say, a really genius wombat who can see, look here.

One thought on “Diabetes Blog Week: Something Good to Eat

  1. Hi Caroline! I read this before I met you. I loved it, and I love cooking! IMOH it’s a really well-written recipe. I’m happy to have met the lady behind the genius cooking. (I am the person who witnessed the Shannon/Caroline who-loves-U2-more conversation.)

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