Catching Up

It has been close to three years since I started this blog….and more than two years since I last posted in it. Some things have changed in that timeframe, so perhaps a refresher is in order?


2012- Mid twenties

2014- Late twenties

American politics

2012- Ineffective chumps under– oh God, could it be Mitt Romney?!

2014– Ineffective chumps still under Obama

Relationship status

2012- Oh, cute OKCupid guy wants to go waltzing with me? Okay! (that was here)

2014- Washing cute OKCupid guy‘s empty coffee cups in our shared apartment


2012- Caring for eccentric patients in GOB Hospital

2014- Caring for a different set of patients in a new department of GOB Hospital


2012- Two (four by the year‘s end)

2014- Seven, the most recent an international one (ja wohl, bitches!)

Countries visited

2012- Seven

2014- Twelve

Airplane barf bags utilized while traveling

2012- Zero

2014- One

Bruce Springsteen concerts

2012 (January) less than 18

2012 (December) more than 22

2014- enough that I can‘t remember exactly how many times I’ve seen him live

Unnecessarily hysterical American coverage of Africa

2012- Kony

2014- Ebola

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