Why You Should Give a Damn About Diabetes Awareness Month, Pt 1

Not JUST because millions of people around the world have it (387 million, exceeding the entire US population), not JUST because someone dies from diabetes every 7 seconds (that adds up to 4.5 million deaths per year), but because many people do not even know they have diabetes until it is too late. And many people do not have access to adequate treatment….until the 7th second ticks for them.

 photo 100campaignpic.png

What can you do? Learn more by going to the 100 Campaign and taking their quiz. (You have one answer right there!)

To directly help those with diabetes RIGHT NOW, take the Big Blue Test. But hurry– the deadline to easily trigger a donation is Wednesday, 11/19.

Thanks to the International Diabetes Federation for the statistics. More to come on why you should give a damn about diabetes!

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Give a Damn About Diabetes Awareness Month, Pt 1

      • Thank you! :) Novolog in the pump is treating me better, although I am planning on giving MDI a shot again once this hectic semester ends. I have this sudden urge to be device-free, for a weekend at least. Definitely a long overdue blog post but in a nutshell the only Medtronic insertion type that works for me seems to have a product defect, so it essentially only works for me sometimes. MDI will be a mental break in that regard if I build up the courage to try it again. I am sure I will be seeking out your advice when the MDI time comes!

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