More Like Winter Storm Ju-No

 photo grumpy cat no.jpg

No blizzard, and no fun.

The problem with working at a hospital is that….you never get snow days. Sure, sometimes when you get lucky you can go home a couple hours early in the face of impending doom. But while your teacher friends are brewing up hot cocoa, your businessmen college classmates are binging on Netflix, and your software engineers are working at home in their pajamas…..your duty calls. No matter how nonessential your regular job may be, patients are still sick and you need to schlep on in and do something about it.

Luckily, the snow and wind were underwhelming– and I live within schlepping distance. A long schlep, sure, but manageable. So Tuesday morning I put on my crummiest pair of sneakers, packed some dry socks and pants in a bag, layered up and strolled some miles through the quiet snow.

It was not eerie, like some people described Manhattan on Monday night. The travel ban had been lifted by the time I was snow-commuting, so there were cars on the road (and even a few intrepid cyclists!). It felt like an early weekend morning. The city is just starting to rumble to life.

I reported in to the disaster command center, and almost got assigned to help break down cots from all the staff who slept over…..until the Building Services guy saw some other dudes waiting for work assignment and picked them instead. I eyed their puny arm muscles and thought, WIMPS! I’m training for my eighth marathon right now and there is at least a 53% chance I could kick your asses! Don’t f#$&ing stereotype me!

I was then punted off to clerical tasks with a colleague who roped me in. At least the residual feminine rage fueled my workouts for the rest of the week.

Whatever, once I angled to make all those phone calls (“Nope, any non-essential services are shut down for today, but your appointment is set for tomorrow!”) from my office, I could lock the door and jam to some U2 and not have anyone giving me the side eye if I texted with my snow-day friends while doing so. And the hospital gave us free lunch!

The subways were back to normal by the end of my shift, so I had a normal schlep home. Not as cool as this guy:

 photo you da real mvp.png

Ludacris shared this picture on Facebook, with the utterly perfect caption of, “you da real mvp”

With another snowstorm headed our way on Monday, he’s gonna get the opportunity to be da super mvp soon…..

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