Tuesday Tunes: Shy Girls, “Second Heartbeat”

Do you like your music smooth? Like, Michael McDonald spreading butter on toast wearing velvet lounge pants smooth? Then you should be listening to Shy Girls.

Shy Girls is Dan Vidmar from Portland Oregon, with various musicians as support. Stereogum describes it as “the exact midpoint between How To Dress Well and the Weeknd”. I’d describe it as slick, soothing, sexy, and of course……smooth.

How did I first find Shy Girls? Dan and I actually went to school together, kindergarten through high school. I remember participating in our high school charity dance marathon my senior year and watching his band play. At that time they were called Lemonsoul, and they played southern rock. Everyone was having a great time, and people were even crowdsurfing in the gym. I watched them and thought, “This is star quality. I’m going to be able to say I saw these guys before they were famous.”

Dan went on to change genres and create Shy Girls, along with another Lemonsoul member Ingmar Carlson. And tomorrow I’m seeing Dan in his SOLD OUT show at the Bowery Ballroom. How thrilling!

Shy Girls’ EP Tmeshare and full album 4WZ are available on all the formats you’d expect: iTunes, Amazon, CD, etc. etc. Let me know if you get Michael McDonald to sing any of it to you. While wearing velvet pajamas.

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