Things I love this week (5/7/15)

      1. It’s amazing to watch this video of the recent Chilean volcano eruption.
      2. Scully talks candidly about diabetes and anxiety. Read part two of her courageous step forward here. I don’t love the combo of physical and mental health conditions….but I love that she writes so directly and compassionately about a usually hidden topic.
      3. Forget relationships, Psychology Today says– you may benefit more by cultivating “emotionships.”
      4. Twitter is full of lies and misinformation, but also sources of wisdom. I have been learning a lot from following @BmoreDoc Lawrence Brown in the midst of the Baltimore uprising. Highly recommend reading his timeline even if you aren’t on Twitter.
      5. Woman does a 180-lb snatch lift in the gym. Everyone’s reaction (including hers) is fantastic.
      6. And upon Mark Hamill’s recommendation….puppies and kitties celebrating Star Wars Day.

 photo star wars dog.jpg

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