Who are you?

I’m Caroline. I write this blog. I wish I could tell you it focuses on one topic in particular, but….it doesn’t. Because my life does not focus on one topic in particular, and because I’m far too impatient to write as such.

Current defining characteristics and passions that I ramble about include:

  • Endurance sports, particularly running
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Healthcare access, and social justice at large
  • Laughter yoga
  • U2
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Transplanted New York City life
  • Christianity for unstuffy twentysomethings
  • The vagaries of relationships and dating [and all resulting hilarity]
  • Flash mobs and other random acts of joy
  • Peanut butter

Past passions include fashion design, playing the cello, writing bad poetry, and my pet washcloth Schwaggy.

Why do you have a blog, anyways?

Because people tell me my life is interesting. Because I like to hear myself talk (….read myself write?) And on some deeper level, I’d like to think that a blog would help more diabetics find their exercise groove, more cynics to crack a chuckle when they’re feeling stressed, and more Springsteen fans to give up their concert tickets so that I can go instead.

What the heck does your title mean?

Good grief, get thee some literary cred and read “Jabberwock” by Lewis Carroll and “The Second Coming” by W.B. Yeats.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Caroline,

    My name is Jennifer and I’ve been following your blog for several weeks now. I would like to commend you on the quality of your material and the success you’ve found in your community.

    I work for Azumio, Inc., a mobile health company with numerous applications and millions of users, dedicated to connecting the public through the first social health network and database. Azumio has been responsible for some of the most innovative health and fitness apps. Our Argus and Instant Heart Rate apps have even been featured in Apple TV’s Strength and Powerful ads, respectively. Besides Nike, Azumio is the only other company featured in multiple Apple commercials. In addition, Azumio is one of the leading developers for Google Fit, a health-tracking platform developed for the Android operating system.

    I am contacting you on behalf of Azumio because of your expertise and passion about diabetes, which would be a prime category of interest for our 40 million users. We would like to offer you an opportunity to be a guest blogger for Azumio where you will be able to showcase your work to our mobile users and reach a new segment of readers apart from your current audience. This is a chance for you to not only expand your personal community rapidly but to make a real difference in the world of health.

    If you are interested, please e-mail me at jennifer.ta@azumio.com and I will send you information as to what the job entails as well as information on the benefits of an Azumio partnership.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,


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